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We are San Diego Chiropractors here to help you find health and happiness.  Dedicated to assisting you develop and maintain a flexible, and pain free body because we believe it will make your life easier and more joyful.

Choose Health, Choose Happiness, Choose You!

Celebrate Your Health with Us

As Chiropractors who are dedicated to your physical and mental  health and happiness, we believe more than one healing practitioner can help you on your journey.   That’s why we offer you a choice of different healing paths.

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Massage Therapy
  • Meditation Practice
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Reiki Healing
  • Yoga

The San Diego chiropractic services offered by Dr. Lunnon and Dr. Hamilton at Mission Beach Chiropractic include solutions for patients of all ages.

San Diego Chiropractic Experts -Dr. Hillari Hamilton and  Dr. Valerie Lunnon

There are many qualified San Diego Chiropractors in San Diego County but what makes Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Lunnon so popular is the experience and passion they bring to their practice along with ethical standards, deep respect and compassion for each patient.

Dr. Hillari and Dr. Valerie, the chiropractors at Mission Beach Chiropractic, love their work. Seeing health improve and pain disappear because of simple, noninvasive chiropractic adjustments makes for a great feeling at the end of the day.

Long time San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. Hillari Hamilton,   knows what it’s like to miss out on all the city has to offer because of physical pain and she wants to get people back out enjoying their life ASAP.

“As San Diegans, we spend a lot of our time outdoors enjoying all kinds of activities like biking, surfing, skateboarding, hiking, boating, swimming, boogie boarding, dancing, concert going or just walking the dog on the beach.  These activities keep us healthy and fit and it’s important to be able to do them without pain. An active lifestyle sometimes causes misalignment of the spine and body.” Dr. Valerie Lunnon

Misalignment itself can cause pain but it can also be the source of other issues. Most obviously, if a misalignement causes someone to favor another area of the body, then more stress is placed on areas and they too begin to be the cause of pain.  There is some evidence that a well aligned body can fight other ailments as well.   While this may remain somewhat suspect to some people, Dr. Hillari and Dr. Valerie, as well as countless other chiropractic practitioners, have witnessed the positive results of helping a patient achieve body alignment.

Dr. Hillari and Dr. Valerie recognize that the body is a complex system. Nutrition, fitness, attitude, physical or emotional trauma, and spinal health are all a part of maintaining a healthy, happy and pain free life.  They help their patients seek balance through a holistic approach to health.

That’s why, in 2010, they broadened their practice by bringing in other wellness professionals who could offer their clients services that will contribute to a healthy life journey.

Book an appointment with Dr. Hillari or Dr. Valerie to discuss your plan to achieve a pain free and healthy lifestyle.